Un- Employee -able

My poor little company is always it seems looking for a employee’s to do what they say and follow through what they will do. I believe any more there is very little people out there that even want to empress their boss or maybe even don’t know how. Not bring tools they say they have or showing up on time. This to me is very hard to understand. People who need this to pay bills and to support their families are a very bad teacher for their kids. I was hoping to find the right person to start off in the field so we can both make money but no pre veale. Do you actually have to hire a person and have to go get them out of bed and dress them and put a bib on them to feed. But if you run across someone you can tell them to go to this link and apply. LOL I bet you thought I was going to say something else but here it is, http://www.dorightdudley.com/get-hired

Mold And Types

Natural Mold Presence

Once remediation has occurred the mold itself is removed from the area, the individual whom is suffering from the allergens will be resolved. Mold is naturally occurring and it has been around for millions of years like many living things. When dealing with mold you need to be made aware that it may be a nuisance and a cause for concern.


Mold Spores and Oxygen

Oxygen allows all living organisms the ability to exist. Mold like the other organisms need to it to exist as well, whereas other animals eat their food, and plants create their food, mold being members of the fungus family absorb their food. Cellulose is food that mold absorbs is in composition and the moisture helps with the breakdown of the food sources for the mold to absorb. However, like all living things they give off waste, which is the main reason why mold is harmful.


Types & Classes of Mold


  • Fusariumcan be found in moist indoor conditions and can cause health risks such as inhalation hazards. Hazard Class A
  • Geotrichum  is commonly in polluted water and sewage and can cause various health hazards, including respiratory issues. Hazard Class A
  • Mucorcan affect the sinuses, eyes, skin, respiratory system, and even the brain.
  • Hazard Class A
  • Penicillium(are commonly known as blue or green molds and can trigger allergic reactions. They are commonly found on moist materials such as walls, wallpaper, floors, carpets, and other damp building materials. Hazard Class B
  • Stachybotrysis one type of black mold. Stachybo trys chartarum is feared due to deaths possibly being linked. Hazard Class A
  • Ulocladiumis often found in areas of higher moisture levels such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, which is why it generally indicates water damage is present. Hazard Class C


There are three different classes of mold. Mold found in homes can be broken down into different classes based on their level of health risks.

  • Hazard Class A– Molds classified as Class A are the most hazardous types.  Can directly impact health. It is critical to remove this classification of mold from the home immediately in order to eliminate the danger(s).
  • Hazard Class B– This classification is less hazardous than Class A molds, but can still affect people’s health. This group can cause allergic reactions, especially with prolonged exposure.
  • Hazard Class C– The molds are not known for causing health risks but it can cause structural damage if left untouched.
  • Mold and fungi in general are light sensitive. That is often the reason why people find the mold in the areas that are dark and moist. Examples of these spots where mold can be found are in different areas of your home that are typically moister and dark such as attics, basements, and bathrooms. The moisture in these rooms are primary food sources for mold, despite mold being almost plant like in nature, it does not have the same chlorophyll pigments that plants have because they do not need the sun to help in food production. Also, another similarity between mold and other plant like organisms is the need for oxygen.
  • When people complain about seeing mold, they may not know what is mold. Often this is considered an unsightly and often a nuisance to those individuals with allergens. However, you need to look what exactly is mold to fully understand it, and why it grows in certain areas and not in others. The first place we need to look for mold growth is in darkened areas.


Top Ten Signs Of A Moldy Home

You may not realize it, but mold could be lurking within your home. Be on the lookout for these signs of a possible mold infestation:

  1. Water damage
    Unattended water damage can lead to mold, as moisturecreates an ideal environment for mold spores to thrive.
  2. Leaks
    If there is a leak in your home, it can eventually lead to water damage as well as produce those prime, moist conditions mold requires.
  3. Humidity
    When a home has humid conditions, the moisture in the air is higher. High humidity can produce condensation and excess water, providing an ample food source for mold spores.
  4. Condensation
    A lot of condensation means that there is a lot of moisture and there could potentially be a mold problem. Mold can grow anywhere where there is condensation build up.
  5. Rust
    Condensation could cause rusting in the home. If you notice rust on pipes you may have a higher moisture level and mold problems.
  6. Warping
    Materials such as drywall and wood can warp if moisture is present. Warped walls may mean a mold problem is present.
  7. Deterioration
    Moisture issues can lead to paint chipping, wallpaper peeling, and other materials deteriorating, so keep an eye out for deterioration in your home.
  8. Strange odor
    You may smell a musty, moldy odor in your home. The worse the smell the higher the possibility of mold growing in that location.
  9. Health problems
    Indoor mold can begin to affect the health of residents who are exposed to it. You or a family member may experience symptoms of mold exposure, such as itchy, watery eyes, runny/blocked nose, sore throat, sneezing, headaches, and respiratory issues.
  10. Visible mold
    Obviously if you see mold, you have mold in your home. Be aware that even if there is visible mold that may not be the only affected area in your home.




Fraudulent Contractors

For years now I’ve been advertising for experienced people that can do handyman work and remodeling yet to prevail to find such person. I have a better chance of finding Big Foot that these so and so people.

For example just the other day I hired a Spanish or Mexican what ever you acknowledge them by and he had all kinds of job signs on his van that he had experience in and his back ground came back with no possibilities of being a thief. First day we hung drywall and first hour you can imagine what I went through the rest of the day.

Example #2 hired a contractor that had total home remodeling on the side so we went to install a new door and when asked to put the door knob on he said he didn’t know how but it took him awhile to figure it out. But I have used him on other jobs with his helper which is the one with experience and the work turns out find.

Here is the part where I need to get onto these home owners where they should do their home work before hiring someone but I’m also in the same shoes as them; when hiring due to they sound good speaking but their action on doing the job is  ridiculous.

Hope you enjoyed my short but long enduring struggle to find good help so I can make sure I also can do a great job for my customer’s

Dudley DoRight Home Improvements, LLC  /Richard Kaczor

Top Renovations


This can hold potential plus resale value or even extra income. Renovate for extra living space or rent to a individual. Do not skip on having the walls properly sealed from moisture . There are also materials out there that are mold and fire resistant.


  Only drawback is where are you going to keep your vehicle but also can be a good place for that extra living space that a lot of people don’t use but for a warehouse or storage.        With cement floors you can go in a variety of ways as in carpet, laminate, tile, and even hardwood. Having all types of paint and epoxy’s on the market you could go with a design and slip proof surface and if converted back into a garage the floor is then not a waist on materials.


The Helping Hand

Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead and change the batteries in all your safety devices.


I know this picture is not what I do for a living but hope you get the Idea.

I see this type of work all the time in houses. Home owner wanting to save money or do it yourself and let’s not leave out the contractor that has no clue in what he’s doing. We can call this practicing I guess for the big day somebody hires them to do a job.

They may show up let’s say after talking to you on the phone and then they decided that this is out of their realm of things they can do and don’t call to let you know their not coming “Sound Familiar”. You call and get no answer this really is a very good sign in a way that is “at least they didn’t tear up something which cost you money and the aggravation.

After banning this person from your home you contact a more reputable person and they give a price $250 and your then thinking I had this guy do it for $35 this should be then a warning as in “You didn’t do any work like picking up a phone and getting at least two to three estimates and asking around” But remember also some friends can get you into trouble not meaning to.

My motto is you need welding call a experienced welder, You need tile or remodeling is the same circumstance. And some times this could be your life as in a bad weld.